My Beautiful Hero

June 12, 2009
By Hana Strickland BRONZE, Chipley, Florida
Hana Strickland BRONZE, Chipley, Florida
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I saw a scared and confused girl walk into my journalsm class for the first time. She had an odd figure and weird long blonde hair that needed brushing. But I saw this as an oppurtunity.

I hadn't made any friends since i started school. And the new girl hadn't anyone even look in her direction.

I tugged at my dark hair and pulled at my loose clothes. But I kept my cool and sat down beside her. A smile lit up her face.

"I'm Sarah." Those were her first words since she arrived. She looked hopeful and free-spirited. I smiled back almost doubtfully not ready to lift my hopes just now.

"I'm Hana." My first two words since she arrived. Her smile lit up the whole world.

We became inseperable all that year.We became sisters. We laughed at absolutly nothing and kept to ourselves. We did poposterous things no one else would even dream of doing. We gave eachother piggy back rides. We took odd pictures and weird poses together just when we thought we couldn't get enough of one another's humor. Together we didn't give a care in the world as we tainted it our own colorful ways.

Then a rumor seperated us the rest of that year, that long summer, and the begging of the rest of our lives as freshmen in our new high school.

We saw what lies and words had done to us and bound ourselves back together.

We didn't talk to anyone else but ourselves again untill we got boyfriends that happened to be inseperable as well. They were cousins and they were beautiful. But they never came between Sarah and I .

She held me up and I held her close as we fought our way to independence. We colored the walls of the halls and dang our words to the world in harmony. She stuck by me and saved my life. Without Sarah my world would be so different. Now i dont' look down and hide myself and my work.

Sarah has become my beautiful hero and she doesn't even know it. I would nevr make it alone. I write this becaus eI hjave her.

"I don't care what you think of me sometimes Sarah. I love you." I laughed on the last day of our freshman year.

She moved a stray hair from my eyes and tucked it behind my ear. She had a beautiful face full of life. She lightly smiled.

"I love you too."

The author's comments:
I based this article on real situations that go on in junior high ang high school. It's full of drama and pain and beauty. I was the pain and Sarah was the beauty. We let a slip of drama come between us when we thought our worlds couldn't fall apart. But it can and Sarah saved my life.

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