My Rescuer

June 4, 2009
By Nicole Mays BRONZE, Burien, Washington
Nicole Mays BRONZE, Burien, Washington
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My Rescuer

There is so much bad in the world. Sometimes, I feel like I can’t breathe and everything is a blurry mush. As if “the bad” has sewn my throat closed and clawed my eyes so that I can’t see clearly anymore. Sometimes it creates a hole in my chest and that hole radiates off so much pain that it shrink-wraps me inside. That’s why I feel trapped inside this madness. I am locked inside a little box. And the keeper threw away the key. The madness is all around me and it swallows me whole. I can’t run away from it. The stomach just closes in on me and everything goes black. I sit there waiting for a sign of hope, that maybe- just maybe- all this madness would end and I could climb out of the Bad’s stomach and see the joy that once was before.
It never comes.
And then I see off in the distance a smudge of light, a sprout of hope, a splash of colour. It grows into a blob of light, a flower of hope, a puddle of colour. It forms into an actual body as it comes towards me. I squint as it finds its way to me. The blob rips the stomach away and pulls me through the madness.
The blob rips away the strings that kept my throat sewn together.
I can breathe again. The blob cleans my eyes and tends to my scratches.
I blink a few times, only to find that the blob is human.
The human rips the stomach away and pulls me through the madness.
I blink a few more times and see that the human is you.
You gave me breath, hope, light. SUN!!! I can see the sun thanks to you. I can see clearly now…

The author's comments:
I have a close friend who got me through alot. Even though I was never swallowed by a beast my friend helped me battle a severe case of depression.

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