My Hero

June 2, 2009
By Anonymous

My personal hero whom I hold tightly to my heart is David. His flawless approach to life has never ceased to amaze me. His hard work and dedication has made him, in my opinion, the single greatest human being alive today. Without him, I probably would not be fortunate enough to breathe the fresh air of this Earth today,. His performance, in athletics, academics, and much more, some of which I probably should not mention, has made my love and respect for him multiply every second I am fortunate enough to dwell in his presence. Even with his enormous popularity, he still makes time for me, which is why I admire him. Sometimes I have fantasies about him due to his beauty, which is synonymous to that of a young fawn prancing in a meadow on a sunny day. His swag, and the way he carries himself, has me wishing I was him every second of every day. One of my favorite experiences I shared with him was when we found ourselves stranded on a remote island in the middle of the Pacific. It seemed surreal, as if we were on a reality TV show. Unfortunately, we were placed in real danger. He helped us survive for two weeks, with nothing but a knife and our clothes. Not only his survival skills acquired by the Discovery channel astonished me, but more importantly his positive attitude. All in all, David is more than meets the eye. His plump appearance is nothing matched to his brains. All of this, wrapped in a tortilla shell makes him my one and only hero in the poverty and war struck world. He gives me a reason to keep living in such a harsh world. That is why David is my Michigan hero.

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