My Owl

June 1, 2009
By Hunter Scroggins BRONZE, Creston, California
Hunter Scroggins BRONZE, Creston, California
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He had this look of a weak, pathetic looking newborn mouse. Clayton M.

was just about to start his speech around seven o’clock at night. He looked pretty nervous

but also confident at the same time. A graduate from Atascadero High School, he has

been battling cancer since he was seven years old. He has been through remissions and

two bone marrow transplants, but this fall his Stanford doctors diagnosed him for the

fourth time with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and told him that there was nothing more

they could do for him. Clayton has turned my life around.

Clayton was just starting his speech, but he paused to have the light technician

dim the lights and put three spot lights on him to make him more noticeable. When he

asked to have the crowd’s lights dimmed, he asked not in an almighty way but like a shy

child would ask to be picked on in class for something. Clayton was just going through

his amazing, touching speech and then something hit me when he said, “I don’t care

about my own life, the most important thing is that I complete my mission, the work that

the Lord Jesus gave me — to tell people the Good News about God’s grace.” How

knowledgeable and wise is Clayton for pretty much dedicating his last few months of his

own life to inform people. He is just an inspiration to everyone, to people who have heard

him speak and to people who haven’t heard him speak. The only bird that came to my

mind that he looked like that is strong, confident, powerful, elegant, and fierce, an owl.

Clayton’s speech was nearing an end when I realized that just because I started

high school and I didn’t think that I was going to fit in, he helped me realize that no

matter what I do I should do it for myself and not other people. I should have recognized

this myself, but I had to have my “owl”, Clayton, do it for me, instead.

Clayton gave his incredible, life changing speech a little over three months ago. I

am pleased to say that he is still alive, although fighting the battle with leukemia. I am

now a stronger Christian than I was before. I am going to church every Sunday that I

possibly can go, and I have made a stronger, more powerful connection with God. I am

even going to youth group every Wednesday night to involve myself around God as much

as I can. Thanks to Clayton for being so wise and knowledgeable and confident enough to

share his life story with thousands of people. Clayton is and will always be in my prayers.

God bless my, “owl”.

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