My Hero All Covered in Smoke

May 29, 2009
By Liz Warren BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
Liz Warren BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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What do a burning building, a flipped over car, and a fallen elderly person all have in common? My Dad has responded to all of those calls during his career as a firemen. When I was a little girl I would watch my dad put his boots on and grab his bag and at that young age I only knew three things, my dad was going to work, he sleeps there, and at some point during the night I would watch my mom listen to dad’s minitor and see her pray nothing bad was going to happen. Over the course of my seventeen years I now understand that my dad’s job, summed up, is to save lives. Every third day my dad will wake up at five thirty in the morning, shower, put on his uniform, grab his bag, and rush out the door with the uncertainty of what the day and night will bring. Having a dad who is a fireman is tough because there are missed softball games, weekends with only mom, and sometimes missed birthdays or Christmas’. A few months ago my dad helped save one of his friend’s life. With the help of other firemen and EMT’s they were able to help a victim who had a heart attack and some doubted would even make it. A few weeks after this incident the patient came up to me and my family, and thanked us for letting my father do his job and save his life. After hearing this person and how thankful they are it really showed me how amazing my dad is for protecting residents in our area and putting his life on the line every third day. I can’t remember a time that I have gone to see my dad while he is at the fire station that he isn’t sweaty, smoky, or exhausted from the runs that day. Whenever I ask my dad if he is scared he always responds with “It’s part of my job. I was trained for this.” My dad has been a fireman for many years and was on the volunteer fire department before I was even born. I am so honored to have a person like this in my life. Next time you see a fire truck please think of this story and say a prayer because people like me and my family are sacrificing time with those men on the truck so that they can help keep you safe.

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