My Greatest Hero

May 28, 2009
By Mary Cherrington BRONZE, Columbia, Missouri
Mary Cherrington BRONZE, Columbia, Missouri
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Heroes are found in a being with exceptional courage and fortitude. One of my many heroes is my Grandma Miriam. She has her own mental strength, but she also encourages me to be strong. She has a strong mind and strong thoughts; she always thinks things all the way through and usually makes decisions for the better. My Grandma always encourages me to try hard at everything I do, to be a good person, and to make thoughtful choices throughout life.

School and homework were never, and still aren’t, very high on my list of things to do. I get most of my schoolwork done and turned in, and I make pretty good grades. School is something that I try hard at, but it’s definitely not my favorite thing to do. My grandma encourages me to put forth all of my effort whenever I need to for whatever reason, and I try my very best to become someone everyone looks back on in awe.

One of my greatest pet peeves is disrespect, as it bothers me very much. I try to respect everyone around me as much as I can. I strive to be a good person to everyone around me, and it’s because of my Grandma Miriam. She is respectful to everyone around her and she always has a smile on her face. My grandma has definitely left a large impact on my life as her granddaughter.

Some of the choices I have made in the past were dumb and pointless, but that’s just the past. The future has yet to come, and I believe mine is filled with good, thoughtful choices. Thanks to my Grandma Miriam, I know to make good choices, and I also am aware of what is to come out of making bad choices. My grandma is a big part of my life and helping me make lifetime goals.

My greatest hero, my Grandma Miriam, has taught me many good things throughout life that I will remember forever. She reminds me, every time I see and talk to her, of how important some of the choices I’ve made in life really are and also how they will affect my future greatly. My Grandma Miriam really is my greatest hero and always will be.

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