A Heroes Homecoming

May 27, 2009
By Anonymous

Tears come flooding to your eyes. Blinking, you try to hold them in. You try to remain calm. Your once clear vision becomes nothing but blurry figures all around you. For one moment people from completely different walks of life feel the same. Everyone has the same pride, feeling of gratitude, and immense happiness. Everyone is looking for that one person. Mothers and fathers search for their sons and daughters; brothers and sisters are searching for their siblings, and young children go in search of their moms and dads. You have to hold yourself back. A sense of excitement engulfs your body, putting you on cloud nine. The anthem blares as your sensitive ears listen for his voice, his name, anything that proves that he really exists. A mix of colors gather in front of you, and you struggle to identify exactly which one he might possibly be. Families desperately scan the room looking for the one that they are there for. You quickly search the faces, but ultimately turn up empty handed. You inhale, but it seems that every breath isn't nearly enough to fill your lungs that are gasping for air. A million emotions enter your mind: relief, resolution, happiness, joy, and excitement. Your thoughts cloud your clear thinking, and your mind goes into overdrive. You try to swallow down all of the joy that has gathered in your throat making it difficult to speak. You try to contain the numerous thoughts running through your mind, but they all intertwine, becoming one. The seconds seem to take hours, and the minutes take days. Then, suddenly, everything seems to fade away. The applauding crowds disappear, and everything else becomes a faint image. Every thought that enters your mind seems to leave as quickly as it arrived. Only one thought lingers through all of this, is this a dream or could it really be him?

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