Super Dupers

June 2, 2009
By Ivan Salcedo BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
Ivan Salcedo BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
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Juan Benito Francisco Martinez De La Cruz had a secret identity; he was “El Diablo.” He was the worst of all the villains. The only real threat for him was the best super hero of the 21 century. His name was “Wonder Thunder,” him along with his trusty sidekick “La Nenita Bonita” had been fighting crime for as long as they could remember.
One bright afternoon El Diablo was up to no good. He was stealing the United States Federal Reserve. Fortunately Wonder Thunder knew everything and he told La Nenita, “You go through the back and I’ll go through the front.” What Wonder Thunder didn’t know was that El Diablo was waiting for him to go around back. So El Diablo went out back and there was a huge battle between him and La Nenita. After the battle La Nenita was never seen again ever since. People rumored that she was killed others even said that she was now El Diablo’s prisoner.
Wonder Thunder had a feeling that she wasn’t dead and he was determined to find her, no matter what. Wonder Thunder was going crazy without La Nenita. After a long time without his sidekick he was beginning to realize that he was in love with her.
On July 15, 2031 El Diablo was ready to fire his latest invention The Destructive Ray. That ray would finish off the entire world leaving no one but him and La Nenita. El Diablo was now also beginning to realize that he too was in love with her.
It had been thirteen years since La Nenita had been kidnapped and El Diablo didn’t know that Wonder Thunder had been following him and spying on him for the last 10 years. Wonder thunder just waiting for the right time to get her back. By now Wonder Thunder was even more in love with her.
Wonder Thunder in an attempt to save the world, risked Al Nenita’s life and destroyed the ray. Right after he destroyed the ray El Diablo ran taking her with him. Wonder Thunder had a plan. He got to El Diablo’s lair before him and demolished everything. When El Diablo arrived he was shocked and furious, but while he was distracted Wonder Thunder took advantage of the moment and he got her back. And they lived together for ever and ever.
Several months went by and they had little Nenitas and little Thunders.

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