Military Man

May 20, 2009
By Anonymous

Some people’s heroes are movie stars who only do what they do what they do for fame and money. Movie stars work hard but they only do it for themselves. My hero is one who only does what he does for others. His name is Jon Brunner, he is my dad, and he is in the United States army reserve.

My father is a fantastic worker because of his commitment and his ability to keep going. He has to go and teach an ROTC class at a college every week. He does this not because he has to but because he is committed and determined.

In the year of 2005 my dad was sent to Iraq for one year. It was hard for my family though because I have many brothers and sisters who are young. It was difficult to have him leave. Before he went there though he had to go through a months training in North Carolina and California. They told him what to expect in Iraq and what to look out for. They also trained him to use firearms in case he was in danger.

While my dad was in Iraq the rest of the family was very worried about his well-being. When my dad came back though we were extremely happy and we had a family reunion. My father had many tales to share with us. At one time my dad was called to help with an emergency. There had been a helicopter that had crashed into a local farmer’s field.

I am amazingly glad that my father is back from his extended trip and that he can finally be together with our family. My father has truly taught me how to be determined and committed. By standing strong and working as hard as you can you can go far. That is why my father, Major Jon Brunner, is my hero.

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