May 19, 2009
By Tristan Harkins BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
Tristan Harkins BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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People may not now why American veterans need to be honored though if they look around at their county and they should understand that this land they live in is safe because of you. Veterans have defended us and went through physical and mental torture to let us sleep peaceful and protect us and our land. Because of what veterans do we are a free and great country instead of the property of another land Veterans are not just honored by a few people but by the entire nation especially the other men that are and will be protecting our county.
Even though they know there is a possibility of being permanently damaged mentally and physically, yet they defend us with their lives anyway. I would imagine that you fought not for just the government that chose you but for your wives and children and family along your brothers in arms who would come to be a friend.
Though the Veterans and the current soldiers are the only ones that could accurately describe what war is like do to the limited knowledge that written words give us I would try to repeat. Opening your eyes to a still dark sky on a cold and hard bed waiting and hoping to see another day. As you stand still with silence and nothing but your breath for sound waiting for the first ear shattering sound of bullets .As the bullets soar all around you explosions shifting the ground looking for a open shot firing at the field wondering if the one fatal piece of steel will soar toward you or will you avoid it for your life. As you watch your friends die no mater how much they meant to you your heat pumps faster to avenge their death and know that when the war is over their death was not in vain.

"The willingness of some one to join the army depends on how the veterans are treated"-George Washington due to the fact that people will not join the army if the veterans are disrespected. Veterans don't always want to be honored but they need to be by everyone. During this paper I have stated many reasons why American Veterans should be honored but I have just begun to scratch the surface. This paper though small is enough to explain why Veterans should be honored because of their sacrifices for us

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