Why American Veterans Should Be Honored

May 19, 2009
By omar sonko BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
omar sonko BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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Veterans. What does it mean when that word is mentioned? Well, when it’s mentioned to me, I think of my father, and of course all of the other “Heroes” that strived to protect The United States. Many have died and risked their life, but they did it all so we could live safely. We should be lucky to even have such people in this world. They didn’t fight for their reputation, glory, or money, they fought for our country.
Congress came up with the holiday Armistice Day, now known as Veteran’s Day in 1926 to honor the veterans. 1 billion of our veterans have died because of the never ending wars. Right now, there are currently 25 million veterans still alive. Another thing is that over 48 million people have served in the military during war and peace since 1776.
When honoring veterans, being sincere with your feelings would help a lot. Many people have lost their father’s, mother’s, and even more relatives. On Veteran’s Day everyone in the U.S should at least take up a minute of their time, to sit and thank the veterans. It’s highly important to remember the people who fought for you’re country.

Americans have fought and died for their country from the very beginning. They have answered to our cries for help, and have fought to protect us no matter what. Don’t let them die in vain. Honor, and remember them.
The best thing to do on Veteran’s Day is to visit a National Park that commemorates were they fought and served their country. Between all the people that are remembered on Veteran’s Day, only a few of them will be awarded with the highest military award known as the Medal of Honor. There is one such person who has accomplished great things and was awarded with this medal is Mary Walker; she was the first women surgeon in the army. She saved many lives on the battlefield. She is just one example of why veterans should be honored. The mere act of serving your country is a magnificent accomplishment.

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