True Qualities, True Hero

May 14, 2009
By Jack Mitchell BRONZE, Prairie Village, Kansas
Jack Mitchell BRONZE, Prairie Village, Kansas
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There are special characteristics that make up a true hero. Even though there characteristics differ from different kinds of people, no quality is a bad one. Each quality makes him/her an excellent person. Qualities could include helpfulness, generosity, ardency, activeness, etc. A woman named Suzanne, or some like to call her Mom, has all of these qualities. Mom is definitely a true hero and has the qualities of one.

Mom had a special way of being helpful. For some reason, it is no the same as others would believe. Yeah she cooks food, cleans the house, and makes sure her kids get to school on time but she also does other helpful actions that give her the magnificent quality of helpfulness. Suzanne works as an ARNP. That is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner. Every day she has to be as kind and ardent as possible to please her patients. If not done correctly, she could either lose her job or sadden the completely ingenuous patient(s); and she doesn’t even know which would be shoddier! In addition to her extremely strenuous work, Suzanne also does quite a bit of charity events. Sometimes she even does nice things for the needy when there isn’t even an event going on. Suzanne is so helpful in so, so, so many ways. This is an amazing quality to carry through one’s life. She can really teach us something about it.

Another great quality that a hero could not waive would have to be kindness. Helpfulness and kindness are deeply similar in the actions you do but there are still special things Mom does to obtain this quality. Like whenever she is in a huff, tired, or
emotionally sad, she really tries not to show it to anyone around her. Mom cares for the people around her and she doesn’t want to ruin their day just because hers is a little parsimonious. Another action Mom carries through every day is the way she treats kids. Whenever a child has any kind of problem, anything at all, Mom will go to the end of the Universe to fix it. It is an amazing thing to watch. This really shows her care in all children’s lives and her interest in children’s achievements. He also shows this by boosting others’ confidence by encouraging or complimenting their actions or successes. This is an enormously great act, definitely one of Mom’s best qualities.

Mom’s third and final fantastic quality is being so active in others’ lives. What I mean is that she plays a part in everyone’s lives. An example could include her children’s lives. Mom always goes to their basketball, soccer, cheerleading, and many other activities. You know when Mom is at a sporting event because she is usually the one who is screaming at the top of her lungs; she doesn’t even care that her son or daughter isn’t playing yet, she still screams. This really shows her support for her children…and how she really loves embarrassing them! Another example would have to be the adults in her life. Mom has a very voluminous variety of friends from everywhere around the United States. You can see her talking on the phone to a friend from Florida and then you can see her hanging out with a friend from Kansas. Her variety of friends show not only is she easy to converse with, but shows she is an all around good person. This is an outstanding quality of Suzanne.

Anyone can name his/her hero, but it takes real work to find their qualities. Suzanne has great qualities, qualities that most heroes would die to have. These qualities listed above make mom a great person who will go so far in her lifetime.

The author's comments:
I did this because I really care about my Mom. She helps me through everything I have to go through. I love ya Mom!!!!

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