Whats hero mean to you?

May 13, 2009
By Michael Kidwell BRONZE, Bellaire, Ohio
Michael Kidwell BRONZE, Bellaire, Ohio
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The Webster’s Dictionary gives the definition of a hero as a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or abilities. The other more real and the one I like the most, a person admired for achievements and qualities as well as courage. When you think of a hero what comes to mind? Many people look at a hero as Spiderman or Superman, but I see a hero as something more real. Everyday there are heroes far and wide, everyone has there own thoughts of what a hero is or what makes them a hero weather it be an Athlete, Rockstar or in my eyes the men and women that serve our country in the armed forces. You see every one has a different ideal of what makes a person heroic the beauty of it is we are all right we all have our own option of our hero. To me my dad is one of my biggest heroes he has impacted my life so much. He died when I was young but to hear stories of when he lived and how polite and respectable he was. He was also an extremely hard worker .He served in the army engineer corp. He did not die wail in service. I think that everyone should have a hero, mine helps to make me a better person I want to make him proud and follow in his footsteps he makes me want to work harder and become a better person. I don’t know how you find your own hero or even what you find heroic but I think that you should have one it will make you a better person and if you are someone’s hero then you have something to be proud of.

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on Oct. 11 2011 at 3:45 pm
i think that that piece was very beautiful keep writing about heroes...thanks you inspired me for my final about heroes because i was kinda stuck but i liked yours really well!!:)

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