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May 12, 2009
By Derek Feller BRONZE, Bellaire, Ohio
Derek Feller BRONZE, Bellaire, Ohio
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Is there somebody in life that you look up to? You want to be just like them when you reach his or her age. Well for me that person is Travis Pastrana. Even though I’ve never met him probably won’t he is my hero. Just from the things he did I learned if you want something you have to work for it. All of Travis accomplishments have showed me how much talent he has. Now Travis is retired and getting paid to have fun.
Travis Pastrana is a professional freestyle rider and former motocross racer. He became a professional racer at one of the youngest ages ever. He was selected for the 2000 motocross of nations team The Olympics of motocross. He then decided that he liked freestyle more than racing. So he went on and was successful at both.
Travis influenced me to be what I want to be and to work hard when you are trying to accomplish a goal. From him I learned to do what you love in life know matter what. When he put his mind to something and when he wanted it bad enough he would work so hard. H e would train night and day to reach that goal. In 1999 when Travis was in the gravity games he came up short on a jump and shattered his pelvis nearly leading to death. Three months after the crash Travis won an x-games gold medal.
In the 2006 x-games Travis accomplished his biggest goal in his whole life. Travis landed the worlds first ever double back flip on a motocross bike. Travis also competed in four total events that year and received three out of four gold medals. He won best trick, freestyle, and rally car. His fourth event was the supermoto which he pulled the holeshot and wrecked shortly after that, finding himself in the back of the pack. After a long week at x-games Travis still stuck the flip perfectly.
Now that Travis is retired he gets paid to just have fun. He has a show called nitro circus where him and his buddies do a whole bunch of stupid stuff. He now has everything he could want bikes, four-wheelers, pit-bikes. He also has a full blown motocross track. He has a foam pit and anything else you could possibly think of. He has everything I would want to have someday.
So for my hero Travis Pastrana who has taught me many things like not to give up and to work hard for something you want. He also showed me that anything is possible. For example, many people never thought in a million years that anyone would ever do a double back flip on a motocross bike. So one day I hope I could meet Travis and tell him how great of a person he is.

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