Who is your HERO?

May 2, 2009
By stephanie bryant BRONZE, Pawnee, Oklahoma
stephanie bryant BRONZE, Pawnee, Oklahoma
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Who is your hero? my hero was Kaite. She was my best friend and like a sister to me and the great thing about her was when we were in 6th grade they told her that she had a year to live.. But she wasn't afrid of dieing she lived past her expierd date she just past a couple of weeks ago and she lived a well fun life.. and just for any one who had a friend or loved one the lived longer then when they were going to be gone that is good say they are not ready yet.. and also if you have a friend with cancer or keymo its ok cuz we get to see them again...

The author's comments:
this was really hard to write about but i know that there are kids that went though what i did but they become stronger about it and they try to find away to get invoiled and try to fight for a cure...

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