April 16, 2009
She’s a story starter. Not the drama novel your probably secretly reading to pass time, but a story about a girl who has enough courage to slay the dragon on her own, without the help of a man. She’s the heroine of the story, the one who will prevail over the enemy with hope for a better life. She will bring hope to this dark world.
The definition of true friend lies on her character. Her hardworking hands tell you she will never quit trying if there is a breath in her body. Her cunning smile tells you she will love you, even if she may be disappointed. Her truthful eyes tell you that she will never lie to you, even if you can’t handle it.
Her story is not a hard one to read, it is simple and short. It is still being written. She’s one who will touch many hearts, with just a simple hello. She will be history, the present, and the future.
She is my past, present and future friend. I will always be there for her, my hero.

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dreamer_believer said...
Aug. 6, 2009 at 2:33 am
I LOVE IT!!!! wow this is a great piece. i liked the 2nd and 9th sentence. you did a great job and your friend should be proud you wrote an amazing piece like this for her...keep up the writing :) also, comment on some of my work please, i would love the feedback!
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