Rock This Country!

March 23, 2009
By Ashlee Blosser BRONZE, Healdsburg, California
Ashlee Blosser BRONZE, Healdsburg, California
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On August 28, 1965, Eileen Regina Edwards, one the greatest female singers, entered this world. Eileen Edwards is relatively famous but as Shania Twain. Shortly after her mother's and stepfather's death, she changed her name to Shania Twain in honor of her stepfather, Jerry Twain. She grew famously through her country pop style which pleased every ear. Her songs topped charts as they topped my favorites as a child. My mother would play her so much that she turned into my childhood hero. In my eyes Shania Twain has the elements of a true hero. Shania has extreme talent and through a struggling childhood gained a charitable heart.

Having a beautiful voice, a struggling past, and a charitable heart has made Shania Twain the person she is today. Her sassy, sweet versatile voice rocks this world. She can go from soft ballads to upbeat pop to classic country. During her childhood, her family, desperately poor, struggled to live. Sometimes her and her siblings went days without food. Through this time her mother discovered Shania's talent and would sneak her out to perform at clubs, hoping to make a career for Shania. At age 22 Shania stopped her career to care for her siblings because her parents died a car accident. Inspired by her past, Shania has built a charity foundation for families who suffer financially. Born a natural singer into a struggling family, Shania shows the world how she has grown as a person.

In her best-selling album Come on Over, the song title "Rock This Country!" describes what Shania has done in this world. How she put her career on hold to take over as a parent figure and now has helped tons of families avoid the struggle she endured makes her a true hero. Beautiful inside and out, Shania Twain inspires me like a true hero should. Someday I hope to amount to what she has made herself. Long after Shania Twain's time, she will still rock this country!

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