My hero said the words ''YES WE CAN''

March 22, 2009
By COGIC*Girl#1 GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
COGIC*Girl#1 GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
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''Yes We Can''. A great man said those words that put a checkpoint on how far african americans have come. President Barack Obama is a person that went for the goal. He didnt just say he wanted to be president, but he believed and knew he could be the next 44th president thats why to me hes a hero.Even though there was racism, life threats, and more, President Barack Obama did not let that stop him from reaching that goal as becoming President of these fifty states. President Barack Obama is a inspiration, a hero you would say ,to not only me, but the rest of the country.

President Barack Obama is a person that anyone can get some inspiration from no matter what, whether you're black, white, latino, or asian.You can still be inspired. Theres a passion that President Barack Obama has toward not just the country, but the individuals that live in this great nation. He is the kind of person that the people can tell he is a sincere man and that's what people look for as a president and a hero.

To me President Obama is a person that really shows that african americans have come very far. It shows me that i can do anything as a african american woman. Nothing can stop me, nothing stopped Barack Obama, so why should anything stop me.

Im inspired. This experience has showed me that I can do anything as an African American young woman. Nothing can stop me, nothing stopped President Obama, so why should anything stop me. President Obama connects with all his fellow americans.
He inspires me that i shouldn't have to worry about my looks but its more about knowing, caring, and helping the people of this great nation.

President Obama cares,he shares and he listens not only to his cabien,t but to the american people. To me that describes a hero a leader, a great human being. He never changed who he was; his name, his passion, or his appreciation. Never. A key point that make President Barack Obama a hero to me, it wasn't because he was black, but that he wanted the American people, to accept him as he was. He wasn't going to change to keep the image. He came as he was to the American people, because if they listened to him and not to the media, than none of the image would matter, getting your point across would set the tone. If you want something so terribly and you put your heart and soul into it, it will happen, and that's why President Barack Obama is our 44th president. That's why to me he is HERO!

The author's comments:
this article shows that i am and will always be a terrific writer whether im put in the magazine or not i will always believe in myself.

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on Jul. 27 2009 at 7:36 pm
COGIC*Girl#1 GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
10 articles 5 photos 4 comments


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