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March 20, 2009
By elliott zelenak BRONZE, Lincoln Park, Michigan
elliott zelenak BRONZE, Lincoln Park, Michigan
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My hero was born in the ‘30s. She has been through a lot; seven children living off of one paycheck, and in spite of an unloving husband, hateful neighbors, the depression, and political strife, she somehow managed to rough it out. That what makes her my hero.

Born on 1927, my grandma was thse 3 child of 6. She left school at the age of 8. In 1945, she met Rudy Cianfarani. A short time after, the two got married and had a son. The three lived happily in a small apartment in Detroit. They lived happily, at least, until they moved to their new house.

When my grandparents first moved into their new house, my grandma got a threat from one of the neighbors. And from what she told me, it was a bad one. She received this same threat for about three weeks. Yet, she didn’t stop living her life normally. It gave her a passion to fight back.

One day, while my grandpa was at work, my grandma decided to take action for what the anonymous neighbor did to her-she went to the surrounding neighbor houses and threw a rock at their doors. And the people were in their house, watching it happen. The threats stopped.

Many years later, the neighbors decided to bring the incident up. That led to conversations to explicit for this middle-school paper. But, the conversations did get her well known throughout the neighborhood-as a menace AND as a hero. That power went to her head. She would go around the neighborhood, telling people the rules. No one went around her house. No one went outside anymore. At least, until the second offspring was born. That was the end of the tyranny.

She says the rest of her life has been boring until these last couple of years. She’s my hero, because she has went through a lot of bad times, and good times. She has been spending most of her time with her dog now. But, something that I must say, she has lived an interesting life.

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