Support Them or Not, They do it for You.

March 13, 2009

Think about it. They go off to a foreign country without question. They follow orders to the nearest detail. They place their lives in the hands of their brothers in arms, with little but the thought that they will get to see the ones they love if they make it through this. Yet despite how much they sacrifice in order to defend the dearest thing to them, the country that is support to support them, scolds them behind their backs. How can we call ourselves Americans if we don’t support the ones who risk everything in order to make sure you have a filling meal on your table, to make sure you can go to sleep at night, knowing no one will harm them, and to make sure you get to use the greatest right any human can deserve, Freedom.

It’s sickening, how our own country doesn’t support the ones they send off to war, the ones that fight so we don’t have to. Men come home with missing limbs, hoping to at most get some sort of sympathy, and instead they receive a volley of disheartening boos and taunts from the very citizens they fought to protect. Will no one stand up for them? They don’t choose the fates that they succumb to, and still we make it seem like it’s the common soldier’s fault, for invading a country for no apparent reason, for the mistakes of a corrupt politician, or even for the problems citizens encounter back home. No one is grateful for the things they have, no one is grateful for the things that the soldiers of past have died to give to us. Was it not for the soldiers who fought to protect its citizens, would we not still be under British rule?

The men and women of the armed services are our brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers, sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews, and yet you shun them for the wrongs of another. You batter them away with the blatant insults, an insult them by denying them the support they deserve. They are heroes, who are misunderstood, and do not deserve to throw away their lives for the ones who do not appreciate it. I would not have wrote this article if I had not seen this first hand, and any who are guilty of this, are not worthy of the rights they die to protect. God bless the United States, and God bless the men and women who die for her.

The author's comments:
I really only decided to write this article after realizeing my love and suport for the men and women of the armed forces. Because without us, what would they have to fight for without us? They fight for our rights, our liberties, So that we can have that Ipod, so we can eat that bigmac, So we can vote for a new president. It's even inspired me to enlist, so i can know what it feels like, to beamongst brothers, sisters, to make a difference. Without them, America is nothing.

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