Fade Away

March 10, 2009
By EdwardCullen BRONZE, Valley Springs, California
EdwardCullen BRONZE, Valley Springs, California
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Life does not give you the people you want, it gives you the people you need. To help you, to hurt you, to love you, to leave you; to make you into the person you were meant to be. Life gave me one of those people. His name is something I refuse to mention. He helped me when I needed help, he loved me when I needed love, he hurt me unwearyingly, and he left me when our time together was up. This simple boy pieced together my world. He has left a mark on my heart, which will never fade. He will always be known as one of the most important people in my journey through life.

This boy walked into my life one day with no warning. My life was slowly but surely falling apart. I was becoming someone I did not want to be. I was searching for something that could not be found. I was a lost cause but he gave me a chance. He picked my insensible body off the ground and made me feel alive again. He helped me change. I was on the edge of breaking down and he had no idea, but somehow he saved me.

After all of his help from his compassionate heart, he gave me one of the greatest joys in life. Love. It scared me to death. I felt so lucky to have found such happiness but at the same time I feared losing it. This is when I began shutting him out. Although he continued to show love in every possible way, I rejected it. I was scared that if I went head over heels for this boy then I would lose him. But he never gave up on me. Eventually I let go and fell for him. His love for me was stronger and more obvious than ever. I had it set in my mind that we would be together forever. He told me that he would love me “till the world stops, and when the world stops, he would love me for eternity”. I guess when he said those words his fingers were crossed.

Eventually all good things come to an end…right? Life a sharpie me and him were suppose to last forever but slowly he began to fade away. Our relationship went off the edge. Trust no longer existed. Our once strong foundation was crumbling apart. He hurt me. At first he was unaware. I refused to tell him my thoughts because I did not want to hurt him in return. His hurtful actions brought me down into a depression. Luckily, I hide emotions well…for if he were to of seen the truth it would had nearly killed him inside.

Once things got really bad he gave up, like any other logical person would have done. He left me. A promise of friendship was made but quickly that faded away. I have learned a lot from him throughout the year, through my fake smiles and unseen tears that friends sometimes are not forever and love does not always last. But someone will always no matter what be there, somebody who honestly does care. The heartbreak that he caused me left me vulnerable to this world of hate but at the same time it made me stronger. He taught me a lesson that I needed to learn. Our breakup was tragic…but it was the right thing. In life there are some things that you do not want to happen but you must accept, there are things you do not want to know but you have to learn, and there are people you cannot live without but you have to let go.

The boy whose name I shall not mention, has clearly been the most important person to step foot in my life…for now. He gave me the experience I needed to make it in life. He gave me help, love, pain, and heartbreak. These all will not be seen as just complicated emotions but as strengths. He was the person that brought out the best in me and he made me strong but he was a weakness, so letting him go made me even stronger. Undoubtedly, the strength that no other person in my life could have given me. I will not forget what he has done for me. In my heart he will always stay, never will he fade away.

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