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Top Voted Educator of the Year Articles

Here are the top voted educator of the year articles:

Educator of the Year
Junior year can be described in one word: stressful. Coming to North campus at Arrowhead High school was a huge deal for all the in-coming juniors. Now, I’m at a bigger campus with older kids and have a lot more responsibilities. I started to... (more »)
An Outstanding Teacher, and a Person.
John Sand was one of the most influential teachers, and people, I have ever met. Having him for two years during high school, for both history and study hall, he taught me more than any other teacher has been able to. His laid back... (more »)
Mrs. Marcia Sloan
Mrs. Marcia Sloan was the most gifted teacher that I have had the pleasure of learning from over the duration of my secondary schooling. She was always willing to go the extra mile to provide any needed help outside of class or any other time it... (more »)
My Dad and Coach
My dad has done many things for me in my life, but the one thing he’s done which has made the largest impact is the game of basketball. He introduced me to this game when I was only a little girl and I have not stopped playing since. I had... (more »)
My Guardian Angel- Sean S.
Sean S resource teacher by Charlene D., Baldwinsville NY Mr. Sean S. is an amazing person. He is the best teacher that I have ever known. He is like my guardian angel sent from above. He was sent from above not only to help me succeed but... (more »)
Educator of the Year
An educator is the most underpaid and unappreciated person in this country. They are the people that inspire, enlighten, and encourage youth to better their lives by expanding their knowledge and strengthening their brainpower. If it weren’t... (more »)
Mr. Desotell
I feel that Mr. Desotell is a great teacher because he is not just a good teacher but a great person. He takes a lot of pride in seeing his students succeed. I had Mr. Desotell my first and second semester of my senior year in AP US History.... (more »)
Mr. Freeburg
“Alright class, we’re going to do what I want to do; when I want to do it,” exclaimed Mr. Freeburg. This is the best way for any student to meet his teacher on the first day of school. As a student this makes him curious and keeps our... (more »)
Mrs. Nelson
Over the course of my 12 years of school, I have had many different teachers. I have had hard teachers, funny teachers, and some teachers who are out of their minds. The one teacher who has had the greatest influence on me is Mrs. Nelson.... (more »)
Mr. Mancuso
I always thought of a high school gym class as something to get out of the way. It’s like pilling teeth, you just want to get it over with so that you can move on and fulfill your graduation requirement. That was my attitude until I met... (more »)
The 'write' to Learn
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My nomination for Educator of the Year goes to Mrs. Cicchini of Veterans Memorial Intermediate School in Vineland, New Jersey. It is not very easy to find a loving, caring teacher, not to mention a teacher who really teachers the subject well.... (more »)
Teachers Who Can and Do Make A Difference
Teachers are very important people, but they never seem to get much recognition. A teacher of mine who has made such an impact on me, is Mrs. Vikki Kattner. She relates well with her students and knows how some of us teenagers think and how we... (more »)
Thomas Whelan
Mr. Whelan, one of the most remarkable teachers I have ever met. In his class he makes you feel comfortable just like you’re at home. I was so excited to go to his class I started looking at my work even before class time. Even though I am an... (more »)
Mrs. Wagner
“Sixth grade?’re in for a real ‘fun’ time this year.” – That’s about the general response a kid gets when entering Mrs. Wagner’s grade. And, I’d say it’s about the response deserved. It was a huge change, from the... (more »)
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Mr. Earl Wall
I believe the baest candidate for educator of the year is Mr. Earl Wall from Cleburne High School in Cleburne, Texas. He is a positve roll model for kids of all ages. Mr. Wall has been teaching for I know about 30+ years. He is our Student Council... (more »)
Teacher of the Year: Steve Schmid
Math has never been my thing. I have always had a hard time understanding it. After spending freshman and sophomore year with the same teacher, I felt doomed for junior year. After my first day, I felt like this was the year I was going to... (more »)
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