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Most Recent Educator of the Year Articles

Here are the most recent educator of the year articles:

"Generous Johnson"
Mr. Johnson is not the normal teacher that you would see around various schools; in fact, he’s opposite. He withstands negativity, and he always manages to crack a smile on some student’s face. He’s too irresistible when it comes to his... (more »)
The most extraordinary, amazing, astounding,...
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I’m pretty sure everyone thinks they have the best teacher but until you’ve been taught by Ms.Pel then you don’t know what you’re talking about. Ms.Pel is a pre-AP algebra teacher. Now, nothing about algebra is interesting, let alone, a... (more »)
Ms.Saathoff the best!!
For me Ms.Sathoff is the educator of the year because she is always working hard to make us pass and tries to make us pass the STAAR. She currently teaches English 1 at Mac Arthur 9th Grade school. She is always the fun type of teacher because... (more »)
Robert Black
The educator of the year award should go to my extraordinary English Teacher Mr. Robert Black. He has helped me make better essays than I used to make. Before I was in his class I use to make two’s or ones on my essay’s or other writing... (more »)
Kenny Canady
Kenny Canady Although labeled as a teacher on my classes sheet, I believe my teacher is much more than that. My world geography teacher, Mr. Canady I see as a life and school mentor. It takes a lot for a man to dedicate so much time of his... (more »)
best teacher
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Mr.Johnson teaches english and journalism. Hes is an excellent educator. He is also very inspiring. He is recently teaching at Macarthur 9. Mr.johnson is always there for us. We all feel like we're family together when we get to class.we have... (more »)
Educater of the year
Yes Yes Yes, I am in rolled of the best school which is Mac 9 grade school with one of the best teachers I ever had .why do I say that because I hated algebra so much but now I enjoy goin to the class and learning new stuff in that class every... (more »)
Ms. Chanler
My educator  of the year is Grac Chanler. Best teacher in Hambrick middle school. She teach me in 7th through 8th grade.  Ms. Chanler did a lot of things for me and other students. She kept me out of trouble, and if i did get into problems she... (more »)
Waiting to attend the best class in the world Algebra 1, it might seem like a joke but its not.This class is interesting because learning something is really easy when Ms.Pel rearranges everything so that us teens can understand it better.Coming... (more »)
Educator of the Year
By , Houston, TX
Educator of the Year The teacher that I think deserves teacher of the year is Mandy Augustin. Ms. Augustin has always been an amazing teacher. I can truly say that any other one of her students could all agree with what I'm saying. Ms.... (more »)
The educator the year is mr.Johnson because in the beginning of the year the whole class didn’t like to read or couldn’t read so the changed the whole class perspective on reading by making fun assignments,projects,and read books together as... (more »)
Edicator nominate
For the educator of the year I chose Mr.Flores. He was my 2nd grade teacher in Oleson Elementary school. He was an excellent teacher because, he knew how to explain everything so clearly. That year I was absent a lot, but he was still able to... (more »)
Educator of the Year
I nominate Tammy Triplett as the most inspiring person, she helped me see the potential within myself. She was my 6th, 7th and 8th grade English teacher who teaches at East Bernard Junior High. As much as I struggled with reading and... (more »)
Going Above and Beyond This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
Going Above and Beyond If someone asked you which classroom is Mr. Hornbeck’s, you always reply with “It’s the one that has all the planets and kites hanging from the ceiling.” Mr. Darren Hornbeck is the sociology and National &... (more »)
Gordon Haney
In 2011, I met someone who made a huge difference in my life. In 2011, I met Mr. Gordon Haney. He was my band director of three years. Although he wasn't my primary band director in the 6th grade, he still gave his time and effort as if he was.... (more »)
Educator of the year
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My nominee is my 7th grade teacher, Mr.Williamson, especially, since he was a teacher that would always try their best to make the class more interesting, and he would the class more fun by making us do the fun activities. He helped me and the... (more »)
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