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Most Recent Educator of the Year Articles

Here are the most recent educator of the year articles:

Educator's Contest
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The teacher who I think deserves the Educators Award is Matthew Geffers, who teaches at Merrill Middle School, but goes by the name of Mr. Geffers!  He has deserved this in so many different ways.  He helps make the school a better... (more »)
Ms. Mills
     When I was in elementary school,  I liked to watch the show The Magic School Bus, and I always wanted a teacher as fun and as comical as Ms. Frizzle.  I got my wish when I entered my  sixth grade year and was taught religion by Miss.... (more »)
Mr. L
I would like to nominate Mr. Lingenfelter for the Educator of the Year award. I had him as a teacher last year in 8th grade for Social Studies. He was everything you could have wanted in a teacher. He was motivated to not just making us, his... (more »)
EOY senior chief mcclain
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4-27-15 Hi, my name is Dominic D, and I would like to make a nomination for the Educator of The Year award.  The Person I would like to nominate is my Naval Science Instructor, Senior Chief Petty Officer William McClain.  He is... (more »)
Educator of the Year
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Every school year there’s always one class you like the most. You spend a good portion of time in any classes before it impatiently waiting for it to arrive, and once it has passed, you spend the rest of the day a bit bored and disappointed.... (more »)
The Cimetta Dilemma This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
Life’s tough when you’re a lethargic, self-loathing nincompoop. I was your classic case of a kid with wasted potential. I dragged through my high school days, thinking I was the main character in an indie coming of age movie,... (more »)
The Mom of Our School This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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There is a mom at my school. She's like all the other moms. She smiles and asks us how we are. She tries to see things from our point of view, which means she asks us a lot of questions when we're talking one on one. She disciplines us, so that... (more »)
Health, Claggett Creek Middle School. Donna Wyatt
The first day I walked into Mrs. Wyatt's class, I had high expectations. My friends of years before had put her on a pedestal, and I was intrigued. I am glad to say that she completely blew my expectations out of the water. Not only is she a... (more »)
Ms. Degregory
Every class has a potential to be great or not so good, but for me a lot of that has to do with having the right teacher. Having a teacher you can learn something from and still relate to is something that can really give you a great in-class... (more »)
Mrs. Faccenda This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
Everybody has that one teacher that they’ll remember, the one that made school just that little bit easier, the one they were able to make a connection with on some level. Maybe not everybody, but most people at least. For me, that was my... (more »)
Coach Roman
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The best thing for a softball player, or any person that plays a sport, is to have a coach they can always count on, on or off the field.  Coach Roman is that person.  He is someone you can trust as a coach and look up to as a... (more »)
Mrs. Foxwell
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Goosey. My middle school business teacher would always call us that whenever we did something silly or funny, which would make the situation even funnier than it already was. I had Mrs. Foxwell for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. I had her... (more »)
Gunny - My Mentor
When I walked into my naval science classroom the first day of freshman year, I had no idea what to expect. The moment the bell rang for the beginning of last period, the door was slammed shut and a booming voice yelled “Attention on... (more »)
Mr. Chris Novak
Jeopardy question: “This teacher made learning fun, helped me choose a high school, organized our eighth grade class trip to Boston, taught class by being active, and spent free time with students.” Can you imagine being in class... (more »)
Educator of the Year
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In the beginning of my eighth grade year, I was pretty much done with middle school. I didn’t think anything mattered because it was my last year.  Then I met Mr. Sypher.  Mr. Sypher is the eighth grade science teacher at... (more »)
Educator of the Year Nominee
Do you have one of those really relaxed and fun teachers, who knew how to make education entertaining? Surely everyone does, and mine is Ms. Calderone. Ms. Calderone teaches BFM (Business Finance and Marketing) to freshmen, which is an... (more »)
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