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Most Recent Educator of the Year Articles

Here are the most recent educator of the year articles:

Eva Foxwell: Business Technology • Brandywine... This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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It was my first day of Business Technology class in sixth grade, and I was petrified: everyone said the teacher was one of the hardest in my school. Now I know what they were talking about. Mrs. Foxwell is a person determined to succeed at... (more »)
Marie Fricker: Social Studies • North Shore... This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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When you think about seventh grade, you probably think of faces filled with pimples, smelly boys, and recess. But when I think of seventh grade, I think of my Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Fricker. I remember walking into class that first... (more »)
Educator of the Year
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Educator of the Year Dave Murphy, a man, a PE teacher, a friend, and a motivator at Palm Desert Middle School. Mr. Murphy is an outstanding teacher who helps out in school and helps students and motivates people to keep going even though... (more »)
And the Educator of the Year Award goes to...
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I have to write about my favourite teacher of all times is Mr. Davendonis. He was a great teacher for many reasons, and a teacher that definitely deserves and award. I think he was one of my favourite teachers ever, and will stay like that for a... (more »)
My Educator of the Year
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Many people would believe people like Stephen Hawking or political figures like Bill Clinton to be inspirational, considering them to be 'Educators'. But, in my view, an educator is not someone who teaches you just about science or politics or... (more »)
The Science Teacher
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My nomination for educator of the year of 2015 is Mr. Murray.  I first met Mr. Murray in the seventh grade when I took care of his bearded dragon over the summer.  Well, his bearded dragon and mine had babies.  I brought them into his class... (more »)
Educator of the Year Award
Funny, nice, reasonable, and knows their job well. That is the kind of teacher who deserves Educator of the year. I know a few teachers who are all of those, but one of them really stand out to me. Mrs. Fursetzer. I remember my 6th grade World... (more »)
My Teacher This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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     I am writing this from a desktop in the living room of a residential treatment center, more commonly known as a group home. I do not go to school, but a teacher comes to the house every weekday to teach us two subjects. Currently they... (more »)
Teacher of the year
A good teacher is not a teacher who just teaches their subject, but makes you WANT to learn about their subject. A good teacher is one who cares about how their student performs in their class. A good teacher can make a boring subject fun to... (more »)
My favorite teacher
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Most people would define a good teacher as someone who makes their students reach their fullest potential. I think that is true but I also believe that a good teacher should care about their students. The teacher shouldn’t just make them want... (more »)
A teacher you will never forget
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Does your teacher take the time to talk to you about your day? Does your teacher stay with you no matter what until you accomplish  as little as the math problem? Does your teachers heart shine across the entire school?  Well, my teacher... (more »)
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Mrs. Bourne Inspired Me
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Have you ever had a teacher that was kind? How about understanding? What about a teacher that was just great at teaching and you learned so much from him/her? Well, I have. Mrs. Bourne is all of these things. She is so kind and understanding... (more »)
Ms. Springer
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Every year before I start school, I think of what an ideal teacher for me would be like. Automatically most kids would think that they give less homework, they help you get good grades, or even that they make you not want to fall asleep. An... (more »)
Mr.Acosta the one and onl
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Teachers, advisors, professors, and principals they all play a role in how we turn out, they paint our yellow brick road on which to follow on. A Teacher does not just simply show you the path to education but the river too life, the river to... (more »)
There are a good deal of middle school teachers that teach the subjects they have mastered at in life. They all have different personalities; Nice, serious, funny, super smart or annoying. Out of all the teachers I have had, who should win... (more »)
Educator of the year This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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In late August I was really excited about finally getting my 8th grade schedule. I looked through it and I had realized that I had a new math teacher, ,her name was Mrs.Springer. I had never seen her around the school or heard her name in the... (more »)
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