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Most Recent Educator of the Year Articles

Here are the most recent educator of the year articles:

My Educator of the Year Nominee
I've never had any friends who truly love the meaning of reading until i came to a new school my 7th grade year and met Kaye Dorn, the Chief Leschi Librarian. I enjoy her company every single morning I come to the library. Almost every morning... (more »)
Linganore's Jennifer Purgason for Educator...
As a senior at Linganore high school, I have had my fair share of teachers, both good and bad. I have had teachers who are exciting people who make class enjoyable, but unfortunately do not teach all the material to the very best. And I have had... (more »)
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A transformation is defined as a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. Transformation is a word that is often overused. Rarely does a person get the opportunity to truly be transformed. When it happens, you’re changed forever. How... (more »)
Mrs. Tenebruso
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In my freshman year of high school, I had third block english with Laura Tenebruso. She was always funny and making people laugh. Throughout the year, my home life was a living nightmare. I was constantly fighting with my family and I was on the... (more »)
Educator of the Year
I would like to nominate Sandra Sandoval, my Spanish teacher for the Educator of the Year award. She teaches both levels two and three of Spanish at East Bernard High School. Mrs. Sandoval is an unique teacher. I’ve had teachers that struggle... (more »)
Warren Regional Juvenile Detention Center
By , White Plains, KY
I would like to nominate Mr. Kelly Copas of Warren Regional Juvenile Detention Center (WRJDC) as the most influential and most honorable educator I’ve ever had! I have been in WRJDC a total of 2 times and Mr. Copas has helped me tremendously... (more »)
Mr.Johnson is an amazing teacher. I’ve never read before and didn’t like to read, but he got me to read everyday for 30min.Thanks to him he got me to read 16 books this year and still counting. I now like reading and still read when I can.... (more »)
Sonja Steinbach, Math, Washington State School... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Everyone always writes about people who have done amazing things; like raising a million dollars for the homeless or hungry, or going to India to build wells. In the eyes of others, Ms. Steinbach may seem like just another teacher. For me... (more »)
kieth strahan
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The teacher of the year is my pastor at north east community church . Pastor Keith strahan who speaks the word of God, to those who are willing to learn. During my youth pastor keith strahan assisted me with the teachings of the bible. not only... (more »)
Educator of the Year
Mr. Johnson is one interesting journalism educator. He has done so much for this class and students. He isn’t just a journalism teacher, he also teaches English. Mr. Johnson has taught his student how to be successful. He also taught his... (more »)
"Generous Johnson"
Mr. Johnson is not the normal teacher that you would see around various schools; in fact, he’s opposite. He withstands negativity, and he always manages to crack a smile on some student’s face. He’s too irresistible when it comes to his... (more »)
The most extraordinary, amazing, astounding,...
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I’m pretty sure everyone thinks they have the best teacher but until you’ve been taught by Ms.Pel then you don’t know what you’re talking about. Ms.Pel is a pre-AP algebra teacher. Now, nothing about algebra is interesting, let alone, a... (more »)
Ms.Saathoff the best!!
For me Ms.Sathoff is the educator of the year because she is always working hard to make us pass and tries to make us pass the STAAR. She currently teaches English 1 at Mac Arthur 9th Grade school. She is always the fun type of teacher because... (more »)
Robert Black
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The educator of the year award should go to my extraordinary English Teacher Mr. Robert Black. He has helped me make better essays than I used to make. Before I was in his class I use to make two’s or ones on my essay’s or other writing... (more »)
Kenny Canady
Kenny Canady Although labeled as a teacher on my classes sheet, I believe my teacher is much more than that. My world geography teacher, Mr. Canady I see as a life and school mentor. It takes a lot for a man to dedicate so much time of his... (more »)
best teacher
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Mr.Johnson teaches english and journalism. Hes is an excellent educator. He is also very inspiring. He is recently teaching at Macarthur 9. Mr.johnson is always there for us. We all feel like we're family together when we get to class.we have... (more »)
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