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May 30, 2018

My Educator of the Year

My favorite educator over the last two years was my basketball coach my eighth grade year his name was Mr. Risner.

The was very nice and kind. I have very good memories about him, he is better than most of my other coaches.
My coach is very nice and kind; he was a really good coach that always helped out and always knew how to make me smile. He always motivated us to push each other and ourselves to become a better player of the game. I find that I have improved myself as an athlete from him coaching me just for that one year.
One memory that I have of him is a story that he told us. When he took a job as the girls basketball coach, people told him that the girls team was terrible and that will never make it to the playoffs. I’ll admit we were horrible; we lost almost all our games the years before that. But during his first year coaching we made it to the playoffs for the first year in a while, and the year after that the girls won championships. I’ll be completely honest; I don’t think that the girls team would have made it anywhere if he was not our coach.
Now during my eighth grade year I was taken out of the game because I injured my leg. He still always made sure that I was OK even though I wasn’t the one out on the court. After I healed up, he was fair about me coming back; he didn’t just put me back in he was fair and made me work for it. He always made sure that I was OK even if I wasn’t out on the court. Out of my five years of playing basketball he is the only coach that ever came to a game I played for another team. He made it to two of my games, and that is more than any other coach has ever done.

People told him not to believe in us, but he took the chance, and I’m really happy to have gotten to call Mr. Riser my coach, and that is why I have chosen him from my Educator of the Year.

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