Mr. Polancich

May 9, 2018
By 8nelson SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
8nelson SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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An educator who dedicates their time and effort is someone worth mentioning. Mr. Polancich, Arrowhead’s Director of Bands, is a man who has a great taste in music and he is the person who you can go to for anything. Whether it be school related or family related, he is always there for support.


One day, Mr. P said to me, “There will always be someone who is better than you, and that is okay.” I’ve come to the conclusion that this piece of information can teach me great things. It teaches me to work harder, to set goals for myself and to never give up on my dreams. There are also the people who I look up to. Mr. P being one of those people. He is the kind of person to go out and try new things with a positive attitude. He is the kind of person to who never stops working to make his students and colleagues happy.

I not only get to see Mr. P in band, but I get the privilege to work with him in jazz band, music theory class and an independent study course. In the classroom, Mr. P has an energy that boosts people's mood and confidence. Being in his class has changed me as person. I would not be the musician I am today without him. He has made me realize that when challenges come flying at me, I should take them and embrace them. Outside of the classroom, Mr. P is still heavily involved with music. He is apart of the Ryan Meisel Quartet, The Montauk Project which is a free jazz group and he helps out with the Arrowhead Marching Band during the summer. He wasn’t forced to help out with the marching band. He does it to enrich the students musicianship and work ethic. That is what makes Mr. P such an amazing teacher.

When my mom got diagnosed with breast cancer in April, he was the one person who I knew I could go to for support. I know he will always be there for my family and me. Having a person like Mr. P in my life has changed the way I think about things. The way I think about things now is way different than when I was little. I have a more positive outlook on the world and the music community. Even when life gets hard, there are always going to be the happy moments that you remember, and because of Mr. P, I can overcome any challenge.
Mr. Polancich is an amazing teacher and that is why I am nominating him for this award. Educators like Mr. P deserve to be recognized for everything they do for students. Whether it be inside the classroom or outside the classroom. Mr. P is like Mozart. He never gives up until the task is complete.

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