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My Favorite Teacher

May 9, 2018
By 8giorgi SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
8giorgi SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Throughout my Arrowhead High School career, I have had a lot of teachers, some that were great, and some that I couldn’t stand. One teacher that has really stuck out to me would be Mrs. Klun. I only had her for one semester, but she has had the biggest impact on my high school career. She is one of the most understanding, patient, and happy teachers I have ever met.

Mrs. Klun is the most exciting teacher to have. I had her every day first hour for Business Law, and I would always come in to class so tired and dreading the day. The second I would walk into her room, she would be sitting at her desk and have the biggest grin on her face, “Goodmorning, Jacqui! How are you today?!” Most of the time, I would be too startled by her early morning enthusiasm to answer right away. But I would always sit down and make small talk with her for a while until other students would start to file into the room. Sometimes we would talk about some of the randomest things, and it would make me feel better about they day ahead. 

At the time, I never thought too much of it, except how amazed I was that someone could have that much energy at 7 in the morning. Sometimes I would just be too tired and worn out to return the happiness and enthusiasm, but she was always happy that I would stay to talk nonetheless. She always tried to make everyone’s day every morning. She would have the same gigantic grin for everyone who walked in the room, and would always ask how their morning was going. Even with the most negative responses, she would always have a big smile and have something good to say. She always had so much patience and acceptance for every one of her students.

I have struggled really bad anxiety, which would could come and go randomly throughout the day, walking into different classrooms, or even just walking down the hall. It can get overwhelming and be hard to handle. One thing I never felt when walking into Mrs. Klun’s classroom was anxiety. Even when we had a presentation or had a project, I would feel completely content and comfortable in that class, and I would like to thank her for that. It is extremely rare that I am ever able to feel just okay in a classroom, and being in her class first hour everyday really helped me face the rest of the day, and I am eternally grateful for that.

Mrs. Klun always made sure that her students were not only doing their best in her class, but she would also make an effort to make sure that they were happy and glad to be there. With class work she would go out of her way to help her students and made sure that they could achieve everything. When she wasn’t helping them with school work, she would talk to them, especially if they were looking gloom, and try to cheer them up in any way possible.

Mrs. Klun is the most heartfelt, caring, and happiest teacher I have ever seen. She taught me how to put others before myself, and to always care about others feelings. She always made sure everyone was happy to be at school and be in her class, which is what every teacher should do.  I am forever grateful for being able to have spent first hour with her everyday of first semester, and for starting my days out with a smile on my face because of her.

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