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May 9, 2018
By sailorgirl22 GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
sailorgirl22 GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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I have never been an “A student” in math. I try to understand it and become better at it, but it has just never clicked as well as I wanted it to.  But one teacher really helped me grow to love math. His name is Mr. Leoni. I’ve had him as a as a teacher at Arrowhead High School as a junior and senior. He taught me in functions and pre-calc. Two classes I thought I would hate and be terrible at, but he has helped me think the opposite.

My freshman year of high school I had had my third major concussion. The effects from these started to change how I learn. My comprehension slowed and now, it take me longer to understand things (that other kids may have a quicker time understanding). So math as a class was one of my biggest struggles, but Mr. Leoni helped make it one my favorite classes even though I struggled in it.

I admire how much effort Mr. Leoni puts into teaching. He is the most organized teacher I’ve ever had and I need that to help me do well in school. I always know exactly where to find information I need. I know what class will consist of each day. He makes it very known when assignments are due and when tests and quizzes are. This is all so helpful for someone like me who is easily forgetful and struggles with school already.


Anytime I need help Mr. Leoni is always willing to provide it. When I don’t understand something, I know I can find him and he will help me with whatever it is that I am struggling with. I appreciate how approachable he is and that he offers help to students when they are in need of it. Mr. Leoni taught me that not everything will come easy to everyone and when you don’t get it, you shouldn’t be afraid to seek help.

Mr. Leoni is not just a high school math teacher, but he is also a father, husband and a coach. He dedicates his time to coach basketball and teach kids more than just math but skills, life lessons, and good sportsmanship. It is awesome to see teachers involved in others things around the school rather than just their own classes.

I still do not completely excel in math, but grades are just a number. What is important to me is that I am learning something from him. I look forward to going to math class because I know I will leave his class a smarter student than I was before, which I can’t say about every class. This is why I would like to nominate Mr. Leoni for this award. He deserves it for his dedication to teaching, his organization, and his willingness to help students.

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I wrote this about my math teacher Mr. Leoni.

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