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My Favorite Teacher

May 9, 2018
By Hmcase GOLD, Hartland , Wisconsin
Hmcase GOLD, Hartland , Wisconsin
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When I think of an educator that has changed my life, or made me a better, smarter, independent person, I think of my woods/engineering teacher Mr. Schlitt. I have had many great teachers at Arrowhead Union High School, and at my elementary school, but no teacher can make a class not boring every day like Mr. Schlitt can.
As much as I like a teacher, teaching my favorite subject, there’s days I dread that class and teacher. I have never had a bad class with Mr. Schlitt. Mr. Schlitt is one of the most patient, approachable, and versatile teachers I have met. Most teachers teach one type of class. Mr. Schlitt on the other hand, teaches two different woods classes, multiple engineering classes, and he is a tennis coach, plus a father. Not many teachers can say they do that. It just goes to show how hardworking, talented, and ambitious Mr. Schlitt is.

People may think woods is an easy class to teach, but it’s usually the people who have never been in woods who say that. On multiple occasions, I have seen jaw dropping patience out of Mr. Schlitt. Everyone is doing something different in woods class, so giving multiple demonstrations a day, advice, and simply helping students is a lot. Also woods can be a tough class to teach, because some kids take it as a pushover class, so I credit Mr. Schlitt for making it interesting and keeping students focused. 

He was my teacher last year in engineering and I enjoyed his class. Although it was tedious, he taught me new and helpful things in real life. Whether it’s how to work or how to square a wood board, there’s the things he teaches on purpose, and the everyday actions he makes, that I have learned from. If I had a problem that had to do with construction or some type of engineering, Mr. Schlitt would be the first person I would ask for advice over all the other wood, metal, and engineering teachers. Mr. Schlitt best aspect to him though, is his problem solving. I’m certain you could give an impossible task to him, and he would work day and night to figure out the problem. His motivation, intelligence, and determination for solving things is remarkable. 

Mr. Schlitt is an understanding person. Sometimes you get teachers who don’t always understand, but Mr. Schlitt is not like that. He understands being busy, but he also understands that work needs to be done. Also, many teachers can’t have regular conversations with, but Mr. Schlitt on the other hand is easy to talk to. Whether you want to talk about your day, or sports, or a new theory about space, he will conversate with his students. This allows his students to relax during his class, and be stress free. One reason why myself and other students like the woods classes.

There’s many great teachers, but Mr. Schlitt stands out the most. He has taught me about life. I learn real life lessons in his class, like how to use different tools, or make tables, and I think those will stay much longer with me, than knowing the different ways elements can bond. I appreciate what Mr. Schlitt has done for me, and how he has changed me as a person. He has been a great teacher and mentor to me, and that is why he deserves this award.

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The piece is about my woods/engineering teacher.

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