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May 9, 2018
By mes_lax611 PLATINUM, Hartland, Wisconsin
mes_lax611 PLATINUM, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I have always enjoyed school. I enjoy learning new things, working with my peers, and interacting with my teachers. My favorite subject has been math for as long as I can remember. Both of my parents are accountants, so having a math brain runs in the family. I have never struggled with it and look forward to class everyday. Unlike most, I find it fun and interesting.

Entering my junior year, I was prepared to tackle my next math course at Arrowhead - functions. I had heard things about my teacher, Mr. Witte, and how he can be a hard teacher but is always willing to help students understand the material. I was excited to get to know him and show him what I could do.

Within the first week or two, he introduced us to this stage theory that he is very passionate about. The stage theory is all about your reactions to situations and your mental state. Some stages include feeling confident about yourself, or confident about your team. Throughout the year we would revisit his stage theory. It has stuck with me now a year later. I often think back to Mr. Witte’s view on life, including this theory. He would enter class everyday with a smile on his face, ready to teach that day’s lesson. From this I have learned to always be a team player, to work my hardest, and to always be proud of what I have accomplished.

Along with being a math teacher, Mr. Witte is the Varsity Girls basketball coach. I have many friends on the team and I constantly hear great things about his ability to teach on the court as well. Mr. Witte is also a husband and father to five kids. He would periodically tell us stories about funny things his kids did the night before. He immediately perks up when talking about his family. It is easy to tell that he loves his role as a father along with his role as a teacher. One of his children suffers from a birth defect that I understand requires lots of attention; however, Mr. Witte is always optimistic and there for his family. This has shown me that I should enjoy life no matter what is thrown at me because you can always make it better.

For the longest time I thought I knew what I wanted to do with my life. My plan was to become a veterinarian at a zoo. However, life was taking me down a different path my junior year and I was second guessing my idea. One day in functions, we were reviewing for our upcoming test and I was helping my fellow classmates with their questions. This was not unusual for me (I often have kids approach me seeking math help, knowing that I am fairly good at it). After class, Mr. Witte pulled me aside. He jokingly mentioned how I’m going to take his job away from him. But then he got serious. “Megan,” he said. “I see the way that you work with these students every day, you have a gift of helping others. I want you to consider becoming a teacher.” I had pondered this interaction for a couple of days, along with discussing it with my parents. I had talked to my other teachers about it as well, even non-math teachers, and they all agreed that I have the enthusiasm to become a teacher.

Now a year later, I still think back to that conversation with Mr. Witte and how he has molded my future. I realize how lucky I am to have had him there when I was unsure about my decisions. Everyday I become more and more excited to become a teacher. I want to do for kids what Mr. Witte did for me. I want to be someone to talk to and someone that can help students when they are struggling. I want to spread the passion and enthusiasm that is Mr. Witte.

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