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Educator of the Year

May 9, 2018
By Anonymous

Mrs. Bielski & Mr. Chaviano


Throughout 11 years of education, I’ve had many different experiences with teachers. There are so many of them I could thank, though I find that one duo of teachers that have been a part of my life for the past 3 years gave me the chance to experience something that I’ll keep with me for the rest of my life, and are deserving of my thanks. Grace Bielski, and Gustavo Chaviano are the two high school choir teachers in this duo, and their passion for their work, ambition to always better themselves, and incredible dedication to their extra curricular musical theatre group, Broadway Company, astounds me with each passing day.

Mrs. Bielski and Mr. Chaviano are more ambitious than most professional athletes, trying to push not only themselves but their students to strive for excellence. Especially during the extracurricular Broadway Company, there’s rarely an idle moment, as the duo make sure someone is always singing, performing, or getting practice in. Every year I’ve been in the Broadway Company, Mr. Chaviano has pushed his 42 Broadway Company and over 100 choir students to get as much done in the school year with extra performances, getting barbershop quartets to compete in state competitions, forming an a capella group to perform, and putting work towards extra performance events for students at different times of the year. Mrs. Bielski shows equal ambition, striving to practice pieces of music not only for her students but for herself, working hard to make sure performances are powerful, full of life, and beautiful.

This duo of teachers dedicate countless hours of their time to their work, and even beyond that, staying late into the day for Broadway Company, a group that is self-funded, to give students an experience that changes their lives. Before every performance, everyone in Broadway Company gets in a circle and answers a question that Mrs. B or Mr. C will ask. Each student retells a story from their life in the company, about some moment in their lives with the people they met in the company, showing bonds that most extracurricular activities could only ever hope to achieve with students. This is all because Mrs. B and Mr. C spend their time making Broadway Company like a family, making sure everyone really gets to know each other.

Mrs. B and Mr. C are teachers who put respect as one of their top priorities. On multiple occasions, they have given speeches to their classes about lessons of respect and personal growth. Within these speeches they tell their students how much respect they give, how they’re willing to sink this much time and effort to them because they believe in their students to do the same and learn how to put equal faith in people that they trust.

Throughout these past two years of education, compared to who I was before I met Mrs. B and Mr. C, I’ve changed. When Mrs. B and Mr. C let me into Broadway Company, I was able to meet people that have changed my life. I’ve been a part of new experiences and it’s thanks to my choir teachers, with their respect and ambition, that I was a part of this experience. Thank you, Grace Bielski and Gustavo Chaviano.

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