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Andrew Freeburg

May 9, 2018
By packfan245 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
packfan245 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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If you ask many students at Arrowhead High School about there English classes, I doubt many would say they were fun and something to look forward to in the day. That wasn't the case for me, as I was blessed with the opportunity to take Modern Literature with Mr. Freeburg. First semester of junior year, started off great as I had Mr. Freeburg for modern literature.

I’ve never been excited about English, whether its poetry, literature, discussions, and just leisure reading in general. On the first day of school meeting Mr. Freeburg, I didn't know what to expect. My older brothers had him, and shared hilarious stories that went on in his classroom, which enticed me. On the first day while he was going through the classroom roster, when he came across Kemp, he paused and laughed. When I asked him about my brothers, he responded, “I'm not going to talk about them or the past, i’m focused on you and the present.” I thought this was really special. In the first ten minutes you could sense, he cares about his students and the interactions he has with them.

Mr. Freeburg not only made Modern Literature a fantastic class, but one I didn't want to end! The books he chose for our class, were fun and topics more fit for students.  He would do bizarre things too, plenty of them. Which is a good thing, because it kept us all engaged in his classes.Whether we would watch strange black and white movies, or talk about the stories in our books. He would always be able to pull out the weirdest and funniest things in the stories we read.

He would pick a part your brain, if you were called on to answer one of his questions and didn't know it. Unlike most teachers, he would get you to say the answer and think about it by asking a set of smaller questions, he would break it down for you. These are all great qualities of a good teacher, Mr. Freeburg will always be known as a great one. Mr.Freeburg is a natural born leader, like a general leading his Army into battle. When your down, or not feeling confident, he is always there to lift you up and make you smile. He gave us so much more than just english, he taught us things that will have an impact on our lives as we get older, and I’m extremely thankful for that.

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