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My Educator of the Year

May 9, 2018
By Mdassow GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Mdassow GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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For my educator of the year Im choosing my Middle school Janitor Mr. Reese. Mr. Reese was a mentor to me when I went to Merton, no matter what he always found a way to talk to me and find out how my day was going. Mr. Reese always talked to me after school next to the door that lead me to recess, he knew I loved the sport of baseball and always talked to me about how my baseball games were going and MLB games. Mr. Reese was truly a great genuine nice guy who never thought he was above anyone always entertained kids and talked to them about everything and anything.

For my educator of the year I choose Mr. Reese, when he and I talked after school he mentioned to me one day that his daughter worked for the Cincinnati Reds a Major League Baseball team based out of Ohio. At the time I was like oh that's kinda cool. He knew how much I liked the Reds first baseman Joey Votto and decided to do something about it by making my year, he asked his daughter if she could get Reds apparel for me and get it signed. A few weeks go by and I forget about it and then one day after school he asked me if I could come with him to the Janitor room. I totally forgot and was kinda freaked out but when we got there he handed me a Reds duffel bag. I was like going crazy like a kid on Christmas morning. I unzipped it as fast as I could and opened it. I look inside and there is a ton of memorabilia of baseball signed by the All-star himself Joey Votto. I was speechless. I was so excited that my Janitor Mr.Reese would do something like this for me, it was one of my best moments in my life.

Now to return the favor I am electing Mr. Reese as my educator of the year. This is not only to make him feel appreciated its for him to recognize what he does means a lot to anyway who works or goes to school at Merton. This would not only mean so much to Mr. Reese this would mean a lot to me to return the favor and do something for my middle school janitor who made my day every single day. Although Mr. Reese might be retired from Merton I know he still deserves this for all the lives he touched at Merton. Thank you Mr. Reese for everything you've done and being my educator of the year.

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this means a lot to me.

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