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May 8, 2018
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                                 Teacher Appreciation
May, Teacher Appreciation Month, Some schools will commonly announce teacher of the week and give them awards etc. I know most kids have an on and off relationship with school but I can guarantee that everyone has at least one teacher they favor, appreciate and would recommend. 

For me it would be my Journalism teacher, Coach Pruitt. I have taken Journalism for a while now including Junior Year and I have enjoyed being in his class. I was actually happy when I found out there was a journalism class because before the only option I had was creative writing and even though I enjoyed it I wanted to take another step in writing.

Every morning rather you’re just passing by his class or you’re going in his class he acklowdeges students and teachers even with some sarcasm and humor that most people like a teacher to have because a ‘basic’ teacher is just boring.  Normally when class starts he once again conversates with everyone asking how they are sometimes having a random topic discussion but overall, it’s nowhere near a quiet, plan classroom that’s a good thing.

Coach Pruitt is an outspoken teacher, he will talk on a situation when needed, will give advice and knows how to brighten a room, especially when us students insist on the lights being down/lowered, he turns them back up. I have seen before when students come in and they’re upset or really quiet and it’s not normal he does check on them and will see if they are okay or need anything.

One thing that I look forward to on some days is having discussions about wrestling, from predictions, talking about favorite wrestlers and shows the day after they air. Normally it’s shocking to find out other students actually like and watch wrestling but when you find out your teacher is a fan as well, it’s pretty cool.

With this year being my last year I know I’m going to miss his class and the sarcasm, jokes and laughs that fill the room. A teacher who isn’t ‘too serious but isn’t afraid to put his foot down when needed. Although I’ll be graduating this year I know that from previous to the students he has now including me, they all will and do appreciate having a teacher like Coach Pruitt.

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