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Educator of the Year

May 8, 2018
By uncreativity SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
uncreativity SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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It’s not every day that you walk in to school knowing that you have at least one class you will enjoy that day, but when you have Mr. Varrelmann’s automotive courses, for Arrowhead High School juniors/seniors, that is always the case. I can’t think of a student that doesn’t enjoy his classes.

Mr. Varrelmann is always a happy person. Even if he’s wearing his protective overcoat for work in the lab, you can expect that he will be wearing a fish-related shirt underneath, defining him as quirky and unique. Often, you will walk into his classroom not knowing whether you have a lesson or if you have lab, to work on your own cars. This usually does not matter, because no matter what, it’ll be an interesting day. He is always making witty jokes, about himself, cars, anything. Even if the topic may be boring or seem repetitive, he makes it funny and interesting.

Mr. Varrelmann not only teaches how to work on cars, or how they work, but he teaches us little tips that can make working on cars easier. We frequently have guest speakers come in, such as auto tech schools like UTI or local colleges such as WCTC, to talk about their programs and what students can learn from them. To me, this shows that he is trying his best to prepare us for the future in the field he teaches, rather than just doing his duty at the high school level.

Mr. Varrelmann always makes class fun because he’s a laid back individual who is easy to talk to if you have any problems, or just feel like having a chat and a laugh or two.

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