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Educator of the Year

May 8, 2018
By Anonymous

Only being a junior in high school, my life has been full of challenges . . . including struggling with financial, emotional, and behavior issues. Everyday seems to bring a different struggle, wondering if there is going to be a substitute bus driver who throws off my daily routine off, causing a panic attack. Or will I wake up in a crummy mood and try to attempt to avoid school at all costs?

However, there is one teacher who has significantly impacted my life more than anyone else.  She is sincere, compassionate, and caring (she is the first person who has connected with me and who knows when I am having a difficult time).  Mrs Hassler is a special education teacher who teaches in the Learning Center and she also helps co-teach a variety of math classes.

My biggest struggle in life has been my battle with severe anxiety, depression and ADHD. At school dealing with my anxiety can be extremely difficult, because I HAVE to show up for class, going for very long “bathroom breaks” to try  to calm down has made some teachers hesitant to help me (thinking i’m trying to skip class). Or avoiding doing work for a presentation thats due soon just so I don't have to present in front of a class.  It is Mrs. Hassler who I turn to when I am having a bad day at school, or struggling with home issues.

Mrs. Hassler (even though she isn't technically a therapist) has always been someone I can vent to, complain to, and tell her everything. She reaches out to different students and programs to help me and my family.  She is like a bright rainbow that appears after a dark storm. Thankfully, I will still have her to help me senior year.  For all of these reasons and so much more, I would like to nominate Mrs. Hassler for Teacher of the Year.

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