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Educator of the Year

May 8, 2018
By Anonymous

It was my sophomore year of high school and I get put on Arrowhead’s varsity baseball team. I’m just young pitcher alongside juniors and seniors. I am just a scared kid who is still learning about becoming a better pitcher. Coach O'Driscoll (Coach OD) has had a huge influence on me. He saw me as the young kid and helped me become a better player and he has become a good friend.

Coach OD would go through techniques and exercises each day to help me become a better player. Coach OD is the score keeper for the Milwaukee Brewers as well as the Arrowhead pitching coach. He has tons of knowledge on the game of baseball and inside about how professional players do what they do. He shares his information with me and all of our other pitchers to help us be better so we can succeed. It’s something that I really appreciate because it helps me become a better player.

Not only is Coach OD a help with the baseball sides of things he’s also a fun guy. He makes practices and game much better by him being there by bringing energy to everyone and talking about the game and what's to come. Coach OD is old but know one would know it. The man is filled with energy that he gives off to everyone around him.

Coach OD is an amazing a guy and since being involved in the MLB he has gained many stories about players and he has told me things that I would have never known if it wasn’t for him. My favorite story is about when he would go into the locker rooms with Bo Jackson. And I can’t get into much detail but if you talk about Bo Jackson with anyone on our baseball team they would know exactly what I was talking about. Coach OD loved telling his stories and would share them with everyone. It was always so interesting hearing about the old players and new players and hearing about how they are on a personal level.

Coach OD made high school baseball fun and exciting for me and the entire baseball team. He has taught me so much about baseball and I appreciate it. He has been the best coach, teacher, and friend I’ve had. He has helped me grow a lot as a player and a person since my sophomore year and has made baseball so much better for me and my team and I thank him for that.

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