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May 8, 2018
By rose.m BRONZE, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
rose.m BRONZE, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Year after year, teachers will throw note packets and textbooks at me with a simple, “Do this for class today.” Sadly, sometimes it feels as if the presence of the teacher is pointless.

I value teachers who use creativity and passion in their work. I value teachers who make the classroom exciting and versatile. This is why I value Frau Schüth.

I have been lucky enough to have her as a teacher for the past three years at Arrowhead High School. Frau Schüth is a mother, a German teacher, and a Global Experience Coordinator. How does she manage all of this? I couldn’t tell you.

Frau Schüth is soft spoken yet remarkably influential on her students. As a part of the Global Experience, a two year program thats helps students become more globally competent, students are required to take a class called Global Seminar/Senior Capstone. Everyday I look forward to Frau Schüth’s class because she always manages to open my eyes to cultures and global conflicts that I had never even heard of.

She inspires me to be more culturally aware and put myself out into the world. Each day after her class, I am always excited to update my friends/family on the new, interesting events and concepts that I learned that day. It is so satisfying to be out of the dark on so many of the issues that Frau Schüth has presented to me.
Frau Schüth’s classroom is multipurpose. She teaches through videos, guest speakers, field trips, music, group activities, and even food. She uses teaching methods where I can actually digest the information and have fun at the same time.

Her creativity and passion for her Global students is like the universe, it is infinite. She uses time outside of the classroom to reach out to specific students about globally-related local/school events that the student may be interested in attending. Frau Schüth personally meets with every student to ensure that they are on the right track. I have never had an educator teach on such a personal and comfortable level, which I appreciate so much.
If there is one thing that I am positive about, it is that Frau Schüth’s presence is not pointless. She brings light to the classroom with personal, culturally related stories and new, interesting information everyday. Frau Schüth, thank you for being genuine and caring so much about my education.

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