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Educator of the Year

May 1, 2018
By Anonymous

Crash! The beaker fell on the floor, all eyes on our teacher, Mr. Daniel, with dead silence. No one could believe what just happened. Everyone scared that they were going to get yelled at. Mr. Daniels doesn’t roll like that though, he was a cool, calm, and collected teacher worrying about his students before anything else. His students were the most important thing to him. Mr. Daniel would risk himself before he risked his students. Mr. Daniel runs over to clean the broken beaker and the chemicals on the floor, and he makes sure the student is okay and tells them to go wash their hands. Mr Daniel is that kind of teacher, he is someone who cares for others first. I really admire that.

I’ve had other teachers that put students first, but not because it comes from the good of their heart, but because they have to. Mr. Daniel knew what he was doing and he always knows how to handle the situation. Mr. Daniel also knew how to teach his students, how to help them understand because he knew that all students don’t learn the same. He answered every question we had, saying “saying there is no dumb question only a dumb answer.” So he basically put the blame on himself if he couldn’t answer us.

He isn’t my teacher anymore, but I’m sure glad he was and I thank him for teaching me. Having Mr. Daniel lets people know that there are teachers who still care about teaching us and don’t just give us packets. There are teachers that care about us almost, if not as much as their own families. I also admired that on top of having to deal with school he also had time for extracurricular activities. He loved to see us students grow and have fun learning so he always made class a memorable experience.

The author's comments:

I tried really hard to type an essay to give this teacher justice.

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