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April 30, 2018
By Brisker76 BRONZE, Huntington, New York
Brisker76 BRONZE, Huntington, New York
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I believe that my Phys Ed. teacher Frank S. is special as a teacher.The style coach Schiraldi teaches us is that when were learning something new in Phys Ed. he shows us the correct moves,how kick/throw/catch correctly and what happens when you don't do it the correct way,he also shows us examples of what he's teaching us so we get what he's talking about.He also talks about how we should always do our best because you never know if someone important is watching us and he tells us stories about things that have happened to him that could happen to us.One of the school activities Mr.Schiraldi has been in is Dodge for Cancer, every year at my school a bunch of kids and teachers get together and form teams to vs. each other in dodgeball, they donate money to hospitals that have cancer patients that are in need of treatment or they donate the money for Cancer research,Mr.Schiraldi has always been apart of it even before I came to middle school.One of the things Mr.Schiraldi has done for the school is teach all his students very well in Phys Ed. and how to be good students in general.Also one thing Mr.Schiraldi has done for my class is he has helped us through things we needed help with like basketball,soccer,etc.For example right now were playing basketball, Mr.Schiraldi is showing us how to shoot the ball correctly and how to angle it and he’s showing us how to do a layup.If one of us is doing it wrong he comes over to us and shows us how to do it correctly,he doesn't stop showing us the correct way until we have got it.One thing he has done for me as a student is that he has made me improve in basketball as well as showed me some things I didn't know.He has also made me a better person/student and has teached me some things that will make me a better person in the real world.In conclusion this is why I think my Phys Ed teacher Mr. Schiraldi is special as a teacher and this is also why I chose him.

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