Ms. Rittenhouse Is the Best Teacher Ever

April 24, 2018
By nickpinkbro1 BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
nickpinkbro1 BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
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The teacher that I am nominating is my home room teacher Ms. Rittenhouse. I am nominating Ms. Rittenhouse because she has helped me so much this year. Ms. Rittenhouse helps me get work done and she corrects me when I make mistakes. Last year I struggled with a lot of things. Last year I did not like going to school. I never told anyone how much I hated it. I hated not just most my teachers but subjects. Once I came to the Newton School and got Ms. Rittenhouse as my teacher I could forget about my old school. Now I love going to school. I look forward to going to school. Last year before a test I would be studying with my mom the night before the test and my mom would need to reteach it to me. Last year I would sit in the back of the room and zone out while everyone would be working. Now I like to ask questions about my homework. I like how Ms. Rittenhouse asks me if she gives me to much homework. I like how Ms. Rittenhouse will help me if I am struggling with work. Unlike at my old school if I needed help they would show me what to do. Ms. Rittenhouse teaches me what to do. Ms. Rittenhouse teaches reading and writing. If I could choose who my teacher is next year Ms. Rittenhouse would be my first choice. Ms. Rittenhouse is the best teacher in the world.   

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My sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Rittenhouse, is the best teacher in the world. 

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