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April 24, 2018
By greatone BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
greatone BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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Throughout my school experience so far, I have had many teachers some good and some not so good. Some teachers have increased my intelligence and others have increased my confidence. However, one specific teacher has done both of these things. Her name is Mrs. Virginia Dabdoub. She teaches Biology at my high school and has been for ten years. Moreover, besides being a teacher, she is a caring, patient, and understanding person, who you know will always have your back. 

Mrs. Dabdoub shows her care toward her students every day. Whether it is just lecturing them or even tutoring them, my teacher is always kind and caring in the way she educates. She is also always willing to go out of her way to help you. There have been many days where she has stayed an extra thirty minutes at school after a test review session just to help me and my classmates. Additionally, she recently let me eat lunch with her, so she could help me understand the digestive system because I had missed the class with that specific lecture. Her care doesn’t stop there. If a student is struggling with learning Biology with a different teacher, she will also go out of her way to help them. Finally, Mrs. Dabdoub not only cares for her students but for her co-workers also.  Multiple times other faculty members have come into Mrs. Dabdoub’s class for her help, and she is always willing to help them even if that means pause her lecture. These are just some of the ways that Mrs. Dabdoub is caring as a teacher.

Moreover, Mrs. Dabdoub is very patient with everyone. In our class some days, people will ask the same questions repeatedly. Without any rude remarks, she will answer them over and over until everyone understands completely. My teacher also exemplifies her patience with us when we are very energetic and refuse to be quiet. When we are noisy in class, she will usually just ignore it like nothing happened. Consequently, if someone is confused with the subject at hand due to their disrespectful behavior, Mrs. Dabdoub is always will to go over it, so everyone in the class understands. In addition to her tolerance in lectures, my Biology teacher shows patience with us when we don’t study for a quiz. If we don’t study, she will tell you that it would have helped you a lot. In addition, she will still explain the information in depth for you, so you will understand it in this specific quiz and future examinations. Mrs. Dabdoub tolerance with her students is an impactful quality that she exemplifies toward others.

Lastly, this amazing teacher has the great quality of sympathy. Whenever us students are stressed out, she is always willing to help. Last semester, she was in charge of making sure that teachers didn’t plan projects’ due dates all at the same time. Additionally, she with her understanding character made sure this semester that all the freshman teachers spread out their projects’ due dates.  Furthermore, whether it is for one person or for the whole class, Mrs. Dabdoub is often willing to push back dates. These extensions can be because of the stress that us students have or just because someone forgot to turn something in. Mrs. Dabdoub is one of my most outstanding teachers because of her sympathy for her students.

All in all, my teacher, Mrs. Dabdoub, is an amazing person. First, she is very caring to her students and to her co-workers and is always willing to help them. Second, this teacher is also very patient with us even when we constantly ask the same questions in class. Finally, she is very understanding with her students and will even push back due dates for us if we missed an assignment or are stressed. These characteristics are just some of the reasons that Mrs. Dabdoub has boosted my confidence as a person and increased my intelligence as a student this year in high school.

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This teacher is one of my favorite teachers. 

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