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Educator of the Year Nomination

April 26, 2018
By jcatalano BRONZE, Millis, Massachusetts
jcatalano BRONZE, Millis, Massachusetts
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For the educator of the year for 2018, I nominate a teacher who cares for her students and want to see them succeed. She goes above and beyond to make sure her students can succeed and that they are doing the best that they can. I personally have struggled with taking tests, but she talked with me and helped me come up with better ways to study and tells me what I should be studying more. She wants to see me do my best, and succeeded. I went from getting 60´s on her tests to getting 80's and 90's. After the tests she asks me how I did, and she also asks how I am, since I get stressed out alot. She understands that high school is hard and draining, and that other teachers gives a lot of assignments as well. We learn so much in her class, but she also makes it enjoyable, I don't think there has been one day when in her class I have not laughed. She wants to help her students and make sure that they do good in her class, she lets people re do work if they feel that they didn't do their best on it because she knows that everyone can have those days where they just didn't do too well on something. And that is why I nominate Jessica Mullen, an english teacher at Tri County Regional Vocational Technical High School to be educator of the year, for the way that she cares about her students.

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