The Amazing Teacher

April 18, 2018
By FluffyKittyGirl BRONZE, Sterling, Virginia
FluffyKittyGirl BRONZE, Sterling, Virginia
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A lot of teachers throughout my years of school were kind of mean. That is until I started going to The Newton School. There is one that I really like who is my all-time favorite teacher. Her name is Michelle Knight, and she has taught Science for 17 years. I have had her for science 2 years in a row. 5th grade and now 6th grade. Once I got an F on my project, and she comforted me, even though she was the one who gave me the F. She is very close into my heart. She actually makes me want to go to school. She is very kind, loving, and cares about people’s emotions. She helps me with everything. She lets us do really cool labs. Once we actually got to make slime. Once we got to make balloon helicopters. Another cool lab was that last year we actually got to do grow creatures. I have a great time with her. She will always be in my heart. For all of my life I have never known a teacher as kind and caring as her. I showed her that I had pointy ears, I am serious, I do. She keeps admiring them and that is really sweet of her. She is an impact on my life. She is really my all-time favorite teacher. She helps me learn about everything. I have learned about the layers of the atmosphere, astronomy, weather and climate, and before I did not know a lot about that stuff before she taught it to me. I did not even know what some of that stuff was!!!
That is true, I love you Ms. Knight.

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This is for Ms. Knight.

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