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I Really Love My Math Teacher

April 20, 2018
By Flyingfast BRONZE, McLean, Virginia
Flyingfast BRONZE, McLean, Virginia
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I am an 8th grade student, and Ms. Gebauer is my educator. Last year, she taught me about descriptive paragraphs and how to write them. For the first time I got in trouble, because she told me not to write just one whole paragraph, and then I had to follow the directions and write more than one paragraphs. Also, she taught me about the median, range, and mode with Mr. Duncan. I thought it was very exciting that I would calculate the numbers. This year, she makes me and the whole class do fun math activities. I thought she would teach about measurement, because it would be fun to see how much weight, how tall, and how many miles. I thought it would help me graduate high school and college better. For the first time, I felt upset that I didn’t know all of them, but at the end I felt excited, because I studied so hard on them. When she taught me and the whole class about ratios at the beginning of this school year, I was so good at it, and I got a 110% on that test. I really felt so proud of myself. I really enjoy Ms. Gebauer teaching me and I will miss her next year. I hope one day I can get in touch with her so that way I can remember her and not ever forget her. Maybe this summer, I can come to the Newton school and teach math with her. This is why I really like Ms. Gebauer and would want to teach math with her.

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