Favorite Teacher

April 20, 2018
By Anonymous

My favorite teacher that I’ve ever had in all of my experience in school has got to be my english teacher of my junior year. I know it’s going to sound cliche, but she’s my favorite teacher for so many reasons.

The most important and moving reason of all is how she cares for others, no matter who you are. I realized this when one of my fellow classmates came late to class with red eyes from crying. Instead of letting her just sit in class or telling her to leave, she leaves the room with my upset classmate and they stand away from the door.


The rest of my classmates couldn’t really see, nor didn’t know, what was going on. But from my seat, the reflection on the door showed what was happening outside. My teacher would ask what’s wrong, and kept hugging her and comforting her about whatever was wrong. My teacher takes time out of her own work day to make sure another student is okay; this is something I’ve never seen any teacher do, especially in high school.
From then on, other things about my teacher became more clear to me. Something that my classmates and I love about her is how much we can relate to her; it’s like she’s one of us! She’s sarcastic, she makes jokes all the time, and she even laughs at her own problems. Not only that, but likes to engage in conversations with us too, even if they’re small conversations.

What I also found really nice about my teacher is how she reacted when I was stressed about a paper for her class. When writing a paper, I like to make sure I can get as much as the teacher’s opinion as possible so I don’t do something wrong and my grade gets affected. I wasn’t able to come after school sometimes, so I’d come in 3rd period, during her free period. I have to admit, I saw her a lot for this paper. I’d visit her like almost every day or every other day to make sure my paper was perfect. When I was done, I apologized and felt bad for wasting and bothering so much of her time, especially with my indecisiveness. Her response is something I won’t forget. Instead of just saying in a monotone voice, “It’s fine, no worries,” she said with such surprise and emotion how she doesn’t mind at all how much I’ve been coming, and she actually encourages it. Instead of dismissing the subject quickly, she reacted to my apology as something that wasn’t needed and genuinely showed it too; It’s like she wondered why I would even apologize in the first place.

Even though, again, this whole thing sounds really cliche about my english teacher, and even though she may not like me because I’m quiet, my english teacher for my junior year of highschool is my favorite teacher of all time, because she’s such a good person and deserves more recognition for it.

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