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April 19, 2018
By Anonymous

This year, my English teacher Mrs. Allison Stein-Jackter in Clarkstown High School North, is who I'm going to nominate as Educator of the Year. Mrs. Stein-Jackter has made this year a truly amazing experience. I have never been someone who was particularly fond of English class. In fact, I really hated it and the things we would have to do, between poetry, essays, and books that I don’t enjoy reading. But this year, Mrs. Stein-Jackter really opened my eyes to a lot of these things. With books, she consistently makes our minds blow away with all the different conclusions that can be made about the plot and the characters. She has also helped me a lot with my writing, always being very supportive and patient with all my mistakes, explaining everything really clearly. I still don’t like poetry, but I’m not sure if anything can make me enjoy it.

As a person, she also deserves every prize for how amazing she really is. She’s a really relatable teacher who doesn’t mind having strong relationships with her students. She’s extremely sympathetic and empathetic towards any and all problems, from accidentally losing your homework to being so sick that you can barely move. Her inner mom comes out especially when someone is sick. She wants to make sure that no one is scared, especially of her and her class. I needed to ask her a rather personal question with which I needed help with, and she very quickly gave me advice. Afterwards she said, “Why did you sound like you were scared when you were asking me?” I responded, “I wasn’t sure how you were going to react and if you would help me.” She replied, “I don’t bite and of course I would help you.” Ultimately, I believe Mrs. Stein-Jackter is a better English teacher than you ever had. I know she has been for me and I’m extremely grateful for all her help and support while working with me.

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