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Helpful Mentor, Inspiring Teacher, Great Friend

April 19, 2018
By Anonymous

Mr Brendan Burkhart is a Physics Teacher and the Robotics Team Mentor at Clarkstown High School North. I am the Vice President of the club, so I really feel like I know him well. I believe that he is one of the most passionate teachers to have ever taught at Clarkstown North. All students he teaches have a smile on their face during class. He is the physics teacher that everyone wants to get. He is one of the most supportive faculty members I have ever dealt with in my time as a student. As the mentor of the Robotics Team, Mr Burkhart has facilitated many community outreach opportunities for the members of the team to talk to the community about what we do. As a mentor, Mr Burkhart always lets us do things ourselves so that we have the opportunity to learn, but he always makes sure we stay safe and on the right path. Mr Burkhart just had a baby son named Warren about two months ago, and in less than a week we are going on a trip to Detroit for the World Championships for the robotics team. We all recognize and appreciate how difficult this is for him to come with us, and we would not be able to go without him. After I graduate I am sure I will not remember all of the teachers I have had over the years, but I know I will never forget Mr Burkhart's support and kindness to all students at Clarkstown High School North

The author's comments:

As we prepare for our trip to Detroit next week, I would like to honor all of Mr Burkhart's hard work and dedication.

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