Parminder Randhawa

April 10, 2009
By Salma_H SILVER, San Diego, California
Salma_H SILVER, San Diego, California
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If one were to ask me to name an educator worthy of mentioning, one that has influenced both my mind and my life, one such a teacher makes her way into my head. This wonderful teacher, my friends, goes by the name of Parminder Randhawa.

The first time that she and I had met, I knew, by the mere fact that she took the time (due to the fact that she could not make it to the orientation of the ninth graders) to come to my home to meet me, that she was going to be a very involved type of educator. Such an educator, one that knows the students, is hard to come by, and I thought to myself, “Wow.” Ms. Randhawa, being the friendly persons she is, also got along with my parents, who think that she is a wonderful teacher as well.

Hearing her stories of her life before coming to teach at the San Diego Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical High School (teaching in China, traveling around the world), I see that I am lucky to have such a well-learned and experienced person instructing me during my difficult high school years, getting me ready for college. She challenges my abilities and strengthens my academic skills, as well as understands my struggles, what areas I need work on and how I can improve.

I had not many teachers before Ms. Randhawa, sans one or two, who have addressed my academics the way that they should. I have never been challenged to my full potential in the areas that are my forte, I would say. Before Ms. Randhawa, there has not been a teacher that has taken interest in my work the way that a teacher should, rather they have overlooked my work and checked it off without so much as a “good job,“ when I worked so very hard just for some sort of acknowledgment. Ms. Randhawa, on the other hand, looks through the work thoroughly, sitting with the students to go over said work, revising and making suggestions here and there. That, I must say, is a true teacher.

If it were not for this marvelous teacher, I do not believe that I would have done half of the work that I am so very proud of. I also admire the fact that Ms. Randhawa understands my religion and all that it entails, and does not ogle and ask annoying questions. She is truly one-of -a-kind.

As it were, she is a wonderful teacher and an admirable person, and I am quite grateful to be a student of hers, she is this wonderful. I mean, my other teachers did not seem to find my style of writing very nice at all. In fact, they did not like it whatsoever, excepting one, of course. Ms. Randhawa has helped me better my writing skills, and since I am a fan of the art of writing, I am forever grateful.

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