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April 10, 2009
By cutiepie101 BRONZE, Wyoming, Michigan
cutiepie101 BRONZE, Wyoming, Michigan
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This person encourages all of her students; some not even her’s to get good grades .I really appreciated that. She’s one of the people I can go to when I get a good grade or sometimes not –so –good grades and she’ll either praise me or help me improve by next test scores by encouraging me to complete my homework and to study. This person’s name is “Cheryl Small”.

I have her for Marketing class and she had developed an idea that if we do a test review game the day before test day, our test scores will rise and then our grades will improve. As a result, our grades have improved.

I can’t even start to tell you how this wonderful and caring educator have changed my life; in a good way .I didn’t really think anybody cared if I graduated or not until I met her. She has encouraged my peers and me to get good grades and she’s probably the only person I have known who have pushed us so far to make ourselves successful. She even made some of us stay after school until they got their work completed that they haven’t completed until Mrs. Small found out. We had to give some advice to underclassmen and I wrote down “Get good grades or watch out for Mrs. Small”.

Since she encourages some of us to get good grades, which made some of us rub off the encouragement to get good grades to our friends, our school’s test scores and grades has improved in my opinion.

In conclusion, I’m just really grateful to have a caring and wonderful teacher; and I just want to say “Thanks” to her. And I also want her to know after I graduate this May, I will remember at least one teacher who has made n impact on my life.

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