Educator of the Year

January 17, 2018
By MasonDeluca BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
MasonDeluca BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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Everyone has a bad teacher and a good teacher in their life as a student. You always want a teacher who pushes you as a student and in your life. In seventh grade, I had a math teacher named Mrs. Gugerty.  She was one of my favorite teachers of all time. Mrs. Gugerty was always straight forward and told you exactly what you need to do at all times. Over the next two years, Mrs. Gugerty taught me math, as well as, many other things that have helped me in high school and in life.

All of the teachers that I have had in my life, Mrs. Gugerty has motivated me the most and has helped me a lot. She taught me how to be disciplined and how to stay focused in class. She was the only teacher to actually make me like math. When she taught math, she would show us how to do the problem, give us practice problems, and also help us one on one. She would also tell us that you always need to know how to do math in your everyday life after your school years.

Mrs. Gugerty also taught me how to improve myself. She taught me to always look at the person that you are talking to or vice versa. She also taught me to never stop working hard. She told me to never doubt myself because I can do anything. Mrs. Gugerty has always told me to if you put all your effort into something, you will succeed.

I got to know Mrs. Gugerty not just as a teacher but as a parent too. I played baseball with her son for about three years, and we were good friends. I saw Mrs. Gugerty at the baseball games and she was always positive no matter what happened. She would cheer everyone on even if it was for the wrong team. She never doubted anything when it comes to sports. Mrs. Guerty always told me to be a good sport and cheer on my other teammates.

Having Mrs. Gugerty as a teacher, I have not only learned math. She has helped me with making good decisions, and I would talk to her if I had any problems. Mrs. Gugerty has changed the way that I look at things, and I am glad for that. I would like to thank her for everything that she has done for me over the past two years, so I’m nominating her for Teen Ink’s Educator of the Year.

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